Debating the Debates…

                As a manager, and previous business owner, there are some truths about leading a team or group of employees to be successful. These Democratic debates, especially night two of the second debate turned into who could be most like Donald Trump, and less about the command of the subject matter. As a leader, one must be of the servant attitude, concise, knowledgeable and Statesmanlike. When one looks at the vast majority of the Democratic candidates, one would be hard-pressed to find an energetic, honorable, integrity-driven respectful Statesman. One candidate stood out. One candidate is well informed of what the American people want. One candidate is not competing for the Democratic version of Donald Trump.

                One leads through their actions and deeds, not by being the loudest bully in the room. Picture working for a bully who yells at you and in politically correct language calls you dumb, or something worse. How long would you feel comfortable working under those conditions? Are you happy with the bullying, ignorance, and fool heartedness of Donald Trump? Do you want a Democratic version of Donald? The majority of Americans are running as fast as they can away from those candidates and looking for inspiration, hope, and integrity.

                When you are combining teams or departments, what has ever been accomplished by bullying or bad-mouthing the better contender? You lose credibility, and many no longer want you in charge. To be a strong leader, whether on the battlefield of a business or as a candidate for President, if you cannot offer your own agenda and methods, then you will sink to accusatory and biased name-calling. You don’t take your best player and send them to the minor leagues because he is younger, taller, better looking, more inspirational, more pragmatic in offering ideas that may help a huge portion of the team. This should be the same in Politics. If your champion does not suggest for you as a supporter to be courteous, and respectful, what are they going to expect from you if they are elected? A regurgitated Trumpian?

                The viewers of both nights of debates saw rudeness, interruptions, unfounded accusatory statements, hogging the time, and screaming. This is not by any stretch of the imagination, respectful, courteous, integrity-driven or statesman. From Bernie Sanders being Bellicose to Elizabeth Warren bullying the time, to Joe Biden spending his time defending his 40 years of political service to arguments on the left and right, only Beto O’Rourke stood for those qualities that any American would cherish in their next president. We heard him speak succinctly, with purpose and with force, and his comments represented those that he has visited and listened to on the road. Beto made it plain he would not insult any other candidate, and he Kept his Promise. Beto was poised, intelligent in responses, forceful when needed while staying respectful to all, honorable to all, honest broker of an agenda that will encompass America and not one small segment, and finally that Statesman that America has been crying for.

                It can be debated on which candidate won, who lost, and for some, who they believe should drop out. America will lose if Beto O’Rourke is not in the debates to the end, if for no other reason than to teach the rest how to be respectful, honest and integrity driven. Beto has shown time and again his ability to answer tough questions on the spot with grace, honor, and integrity. Beto uses real events, real people, and real crises in his agenda, leaving no one out, whether it be for race, gender, age, social status, religious views, sexual preference or their home of origin. Flint Michigan was not on the radar until Beto was there. The immigrant problem has seen and heard more concrete ideas because of Beto’s voice. The education cost dilemma is only where it is because of Beto’s concept of bringing back Unions and public service into the mix. The stench of racism and bigotry has eroded away so many parts of the American fabric, and Beto is the only candidate that speaks to this issue honestly, with compassion, and the background. Veterans were, is and will be a significant piece of Beto’s agenda as proven when he was in the House of Representatives. Beto is the only candidate that realizes the complete story concerning Global Climate change and has the most aggressive plan to combat it. Beto’s plan to end the military skirmishes, wars, and over-spending is one of the areas to gain much of the needed money without higher taxes or enlarging the deficit. Beto proposes a tax on capital gains like it is wages and proposes a 28% tax on corporations. The young and the elderly, as well as the Veterans all, are in need of good medical and mental health care. But it cannot be thrust upon those that gave up pay in lieu of better insurance plans, and Beto gets that. Beto proposes Medicare for America. Beto is sharing his plans while others are sharing their inability to speak pro-actively on any subject that is extremely important to American voters.

                Debating is just that discussing in a rational, intelligent, well-researched subject. Debating is not being a group of hyenas waiting to pounce on the next comment anyone states. Beto and his supporters, who are not PACs, Lobbyists, Large Corporations or Bundlers understands this because we are all individual citizens that have individual needs. America is no longer in the decades of iron autos, ignoring the climate, and are in need of a robust leader that is new, fresh, charismatic and genuine. Beto is that opportunity.


  1. I am impressed that Beto has some of the best policy plans that will work across the table. We need his calmness , sincerity and knowledge in government. Our country is so divided now and I see Beto as one who can reunite all of us. I am tired of all the hate, racism and bullying that we are subjected to daily by Trump. Beto2020!!


  2. BETO IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED IN America. I am so tired of being yelled at, of name calling politicians. BETO O’ROURKE is a decent man in all ways. How unfortunate for Texas that he did not replace Cruz in the US Senate.


  3. Beto goes every where, talks to everyone and counts no one out. He is the one who can reunite America! He doesn’t care whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent because we are all Americans first! #Beto2020 #EnvoysForBeto


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